adding sump to system

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Nov 26, 2005
Salt Lake City UT
Hi all, i am not sure if this has already been covered, all the topics seem to mold together after about 6 hours of reading. Anyhow, to the questions. I have a 20gal fowlr.....nano reef in progress. I would like to add a sump, to gather the added benefits. My question is, what is the best way to do this? I have done ALOT of reading and research on this topic and everything i have read leaves me worried for the sake of my fish. I was thinking about using a 10gal tank for the sump but, my tank, of course, is not drilled so i would have to implement an overflow, which is fine, but my worry is if it fails..... i have x amount of water flowing from sump and over the walls of my tank. I guess im just letting the "what if's" get the best of me. Any advice on how to go about this addition?
Never used an overflow box, but I believe some work better than others and have more fail-safe operations to prevent flooding. Hopefully some will chime in and help you out on this. I've also heard that re-starting the siphon after a power failure could be more of an issue. There also, I believe I've heard some say certain types work better with that too.
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