African Dwarf Frogs and Mollies

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Reese and Chase

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Mar 27, 2022
Hello! I need to know if I can put my 3 male mollies on the same tank as 2 male African dwarf frogs. I heard many people saying “both animals are harmless, it should be fine.” But I decided to ask on here and tell everyone about the personalities and get a better response. My mollies are very calm fish. They bump into each other all the time and nothing ever happens. One of them can get a little aggressive during feeding time but I will figure out how to feed them separately. Overall so far the mollies are more on the calmer side. Now onto the frogs. The frogs seem ok, occasionally getting a little aggressive at feeding time. I did a tiny test and put a fake fish in there tank and was shocked on the results. One of them seemed to think the fish was food at first, and then seemed to be perfectly fine. My other frog however was absolutely terrified of it. He would swim away quickly from it and try to hide into the rocks. After a little while he got used to it luckily. I’m just worried that the molly’s will nip and the frogs and the frogs will attack or the frogs will nip at the mollies and attack. What should I do?
The only way to know is to try it. Every fishes (and frogs) temperament is different and what works with one group wont work with a different group of the same fish.

Your "both animals are harmless, it should be fine" is correct. But emphasis on "should".
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