AHHHH Hardware Malfunctions

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Oct 27, 2003
Cleveland, Ohio
So I just bought a AC 20 which I already posted about making a rattling noise now the Marineland Visi-Therm Deluxe 50watt I ordered with it isnt working right. The damn thing wont get my water above 76 degrees even when I have the thermostat at 80 it still wont come on. I tried testing it in a bucket full of coler water and it doesnt even work in there. I ordered both from Bigalsonline and bought stuff from there before so I dont know whats going on. This is frustrating so I just had to vent alittle. Oh the heater also seems to have a rattling also, like somethings loose inside, i checked my other Visi Therm heaters I have and they dont seem to make the noise if pick them up. Im just PO'd
Well .....you sure are having more than your share of problems. That heater should not rattle....sooooo I think it goes back with the filter.

What else did you get in that order!!!
Yup thats what Im thinking, I tried to see if the heater was broken by putting it in a bucket full of 60degree water and the stupid heater wouldnt get the water above 74.
yep I'd say the poor thing took a beating, prolly something to do with the thermostat that picks up the tank water temp
Yeah thats what Im thinking, its a bummer that both ther heater and filter got messed up. The came in somewhat of a small box and both were right up against the side.
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