Anemone sucked into powerhead, tank is cloudy, help!

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Jan 10, 2014
I came home to a cloudy tank this morning and I noticed the Anemone was sucked up to the power head. Not much of him was chopped up, just a bit of the foot. I took him out ASAP, and did a water change, and replaced our carbon filters. Will the whole tank be poisoned? The levels aren't insanely high or anything to worry about but I'm still a bit worried. I have a damsel, and 2 clowns in the tank and they're doing fine. Will the tank clear up soon? It's a 90 gal.
Since not much of him was chopped up, you have already done exactly what you need to do. Normally, if it is some tentacles that got chopped you could leave the anemone in hopes it can recover...but with foot damage it is unlikely. The carbon will work on clearing the tank up, as will the water change you did. If you want to do another later to get the parameters down further, it won't hurt anything.
The only bit I would question is why he was moving around and got caught in the powerhead to begin with. How old is the tank? What lighting is over the system?
The tank is about 3 months old and we have ocean revive Arctic s026 leds. We had just bought the nem yesterday and fed him. It happened when our lights were off so I was thinking he was just roaming around

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This guy?
Arctic-S026 LED Aquarium Light_Aquarium LED_OCEANREVIVE LED

The lighting looks like it is strong enough to support an anemone. I'd suggest holding off on one for some time before trying again. We normally suggest 6months to a year for beginning to house anemone to avoid parameter swings and mini cycles that can occur in new tanks. This can be stressful on anemones as they are quite sensitive to changes in parameters. It may have been part of what led into this issue and something to consider. Hope this helps.
Yep that's the light! Sorry to go off topic but do you think those lights can support corals as well?
Yep that's the light! Sorry to go off topic but do you think those lights can support corals as well?

That is a good question. I would think this light could support almost anything you wanted as long as it was only covering a 2 ft section of your tank. Most LED units this size can only cover this space effectively, for the most part. The general rule of thumb in terms of corals is that SPS needs intense lighting, just like clams and anemones. So yes, you can keep anything you want under this light.
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