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Lauri Bliss

Aquarium Advice Newbie
Aug 17, 2012
Hi, I am new to the site. I have three tanks, all small. The 10g has only chaeto and copepods, some are pretty big! The second is a 14g, mini reef. I said I wasn't going to do corals. hahahaha. And then I did. My big tank is a 55g FOWLR, with black sand, 70lbs of live rock, a small refugium, loaded with live rock pieces, chaeto and a bristle worm that I can't catch. I have a yellow watchman goby, a fire shrimp, two tank bred percula clowns, and three green chromis, with lots of different snails and lots of different hermits. I am new to the hobby, my tanks are only four months old (I said five earlier, but I can't seem to count). My goby and shrimp are shacking up and the goby, George is getting a little bolder, but the shrimp sightings have been rare.:hide: I will pop in and ask question now and then. If I seem stupid, please bear with me. I am reading and studying as much as I can, but would love your opinions, experience or plain old help. My name is Lauri. :thanks:
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