Another Protein Skimmer question

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Feb 8, 2008
Ok, Im sure you guys are sick of Skimmer questions by now LOL i have seen alot. BUT this one is at least ALITTLE different from all the others.

My stand in not that tall, and I'm planning on running a im Sump skimmer. I'm dealing with maybe 25 inches of total hight for the skimmer. So that really limits my options right there.

Im seeing if anyone can throw some good skimmer ideas my way.
Again, 110g tank , 25 inches of total hight in stand. Trying to spend maybe 200 or less, can maybe go alittle more if somethign really really nice comes up.

I saw that one of the Octo's was about 24 maybe 25 inches tall, But I am not sure how much clearance I need to remove the cup.

Any ideas? anything would help, thanks guys!
The new Octos are the replacements of the old ASMs, I'm not sure how the collection cup is removed from the octo but my ASM is a twist and it comes off without having to lift it. I know that all ASMs are the same in that they have a "zero" clearance for removing the cup so you could look at an ASM G2 or G3 I think they will fit under your stand. I just don't know about the Octo, I've never seen one up close.
The new Octos are the replacements of the old ASMs.
You said that once before. Where did you hear that? They are 2 different companies and the skimmers have different bodies and different pumps. They look similar, but they are definitely not the same. Are you saying ASM is out of business?

There is 0 clearance needed to remove the cup on the Octo. Well, maybe you need 1/4" to lift it and slide it out.
Ya , from what I have seen so far, most of the skimmers only take 1 inch max to get the cup off, I guess they have actually put some thought into this LOL.

Oh ya! since we are on the subject, does anyone have any thoughts on this skimmer? its by Kent Marine, I really have no idea, It just looked like a good price. I'm setting it up for a 110g tank, 30g in sump skimmer.

Kent Marine Nautilus Turbo Eductor Protein Skimmer
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Looks like a good price...compared to what? It doesn't include a pump, so you need to buy a pump for that skimmer too.

When I look at a skimmer, I look first at 2 things. How wide is the body and how wide is the neck. A wider body means more dwell time and a wider neck means more air can be injected. They don't give a specific body width for that skimmer, only says the widest part is 8 1/4", so I would assume the body is 6" which isn't bad, but look at that neck. That is a major downfall as it will limit the amount of air the skimmer can handle.
If you look at some of the top dollar skimmer like Deltec, BubbleKing, Reeflo, Bermuda, etc, they all have very wide bodies and very wide necks.
Ya, just from what Iv seen so far I think I am going to go with the Octopus, everyone seems to think they are the best for the price. I was getting most of my stuff off Marine Depot, But It looks like they don't carry the Octopus. Can anyone recommend me a good trustworthy site for a Octo Skimmer?
hmmm checking on that

I can't find a website for their company. ASM = All Seas Marine Inc.

I stand corrected. I was given some bad information. I contacted Marine Solutions and this is the answer I got back.

ASM and Octopus are two separate companies.

ASM - All Seas Marine, they are based in California. Octopus is a line manufactured in China and imported then sold by many different companies.

Marine Solutions, who you are talking with in this email, happens to own both of these names: ASM Skimmer products, information and services and Octopus Skimmers. We are an importer and distributor for many products.



I shall never say your Octo is the same as my ASM again. I humblely beg your pardon!
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