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Apr 8, 2004
Reading, PA
I hope I'm not asking too many questions.

Can I put live plants in a FOWLR setup? If so, what kind?

TIA can, but I would be careful about the kinds you chose. Alot of the Caulerpa species will take over a tank. Also..If you have herbivores in the system, they will just eat them. I would look at a shaving brush...maybe some Halameda Caulerpa. But besure you CA levels are where they should is highly dependant on CA.

Not plants per se, marine "plants" are known as macroalgae. They are different from microalgae in that they are "leafy" and have stalks. Many grow like a vine and cling to rocks or bury their roots in the sand. The only marine plant I can think of is the Mangrove which actually grows outside the water with only the roots in saltwater.
To grow macroalgae effectively you will need bright intense lighting. Metal halide do a wonderful job but power compact lights or VHO fourescent can do the job if enough of them are used. Make sure to keep it trimmed back to avoid letting it "go sexual" or reducing itself to one celled spores. The algae self destructs and pollutes the tank. Keeping the old growth trimmed off will manage it.

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