Anyone has any experience on black and white banner fish?

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Oct 9, 2005
The heniochus black and white bannerfish are they hard to keep? Do they get sick very easily? I don't have any coral in the tank and I do know they eat corals. Just want to know if they are a hardy addition. I need some REAL experience not just what I read from or any other where else.

I am not trying to be harsh, but you are asking this after the fish is already in your tank. The time to research the fish is before you buy it, not after the fact. You do this alot.
No I did do research before I bought this fish. I read it on I am here only asking for REAL experiences with them. So I did actually do research first.

Now I haven't bought the flame angel. Will you be able to help me on that?
I agree that the flame angel is a very hardy fish also. I had to get rid of mine for nipping on corals but you should be OK
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