Apex Neptune VS. Reefkeeper

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yep thats their site, they have alot of helpful things on there also, forums for aditional coding and how to programs. they also have links to a few reviews about the whole controller in general.

the first version apparently wasn't that great but this current open source controller is great, and a good bang for your buck. it does everything the apex does but it has a colored LCD screen and it costs $219 for the basic system with ATO temp and PH probes, also has 8 controlled outlets. its really a cool system and has a ton of abilities
She gets mad with me spending all the money on my tank and now with me going led and getting the controller she is really not that happy with me at all but she will be OK ....lol
hey we work to make money that we spend, i don't know your finacials but i'm sure you wouldn't put yourself into a finacial hole just for a hobby
No I wont but she seems to think I will its to funny she keeps telling me I spend more time with my tank then I do her
I was looking at that one but it just wont be enough to start with so I will still have to add the 8 plug bar
The Apex JR is $149.99, includes 4 outlets and the web server, the temp probe, etc.

but no PWM controls for dimmable T5s or LEDs and no ATO. the APEX controller is no doubt a good controller but it is expensive and the Jr is limited and to add onto it you're pretty much lookign at the same cost as the standard controller.

for you it was a good option as you had all the other stuff but for those looking to buy one and do not the Jr in my opinion isn't the way to go
I was looking at getting the 499.99 system so I will have all the bells and whistles at the get go
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