Aquaclear 50/70 vs Emperor 400?

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Jan 18, 2009
Binghamton NY
Hi all
I was curious what you all thought of these filters? The two local shops I have have suggested both of these. One shop carries the Emperor and the other the Aquaclear and of course they both say theirs is the best. I'm very new to this and I want to get the best filter I can for my new 80 gallon bowfront. I'm planning on getting two of what ever one I decide on.
from what I'm told:
~ the Aquaclear are easier to prime and start, has a better actual flow rate, and uses a sponge rather than media cartridges you replace
~ the Emperor is easier to use, adjustable intake system to filter higher and lower levels of the tank at the same time, uses a bio wheel, and i can make a sponge instead of replacing cartridges
So if you all wouldn't mind, can I get some input from those who use(d) these and what you thought of them.
Also open to any suggestions if there is something better.
Thanks all!
I have used the Aqua Clear 110 and The Emperor 400 in the past, both are very good HOB Filters. They are the two best IMHO. I would rate the AC-110 #1 and the E-400 #2.
I have both, and liked both. Both do a comparable job as well, IMO. The emporer is supposed to use the specific cartridges, but it's not necessary, I just use sponges and filter floss. The emporer does, however, have an empty cartridge that can be filled with the media of your choice as well.
I have the Emperor 280...also another that doesn't work...they are notorious for empellor troubles, but you can buy the replacements. I used the Emperor for 6 years on my 35 gallon Hex and now use it on my 75 just for the "wave" action and filtering new sand particles out with floss in it. They have a neat "Super Cartridge" you can get cheap that is big and you can fill it with LR rubble . I did that and it worked great..I removed the bio-wheel first.

On the other hand...I found an AquaClear that was in my shed a while had been there for over 15 fired right up!!!!

I personally, like the Emperor as it is a really sturdy filter.


I think I'm going to go with the Emperor. It just seems like a more solid filter.
Thanks for the input all!
I prefer Hagen Aquaclear over Marineland any day of the week. Can't go wrong with the 110, which I find easier to service, more functional, and flow/pattern.

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