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May 29, 2014
Middletown, RI
Hey guys! My name is Jose and i'm new at the aquarium hobby. I gotta say im hooked! This is so exiting, who knew...

Anyways, I have always liked fish tanks (used to have some at my house when i was a kid) but I never knew the right way to care for one. We just put fish in tap water, no treatment or anything (horrible, I know) and some made it, some didnt. But we just never understood the the hobby and the processes cause we didnt really see it like that and it was just something "cool" for my sisters and me to have. Of course after a while of not maintaining the tanks properly we just decided to put them away.

However, after seeing a few of my friends having fish tanks and being exposed to the hobby again, I decided it was my turn to have one, but doing it right this time. I am very surprised at how just knowing whats going on in the tank makes the whole experience that much different and so gratifying.

I'm here looking to share experiences and gain knowledge about the hobby as well as make friends and connections with people that have the same interests.

See ya around,
Welcome J.
Good point in your post. Fish keepers keep water, the fish and plants are almost secondary. Get the water right, quarantine any new additions and you should have few problems. You didn't say what size tank you have but it appears that most fish keepers with smaller tanks do not have a quarantine tank. QTs are cheap and certainly cheaper than any losses due to adding infected fish to your main tank. Don't rely on your LFS to supply healthy fish.
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