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Nov 3, 2011
OK so, tank is doing well, couple corals in, few zoanthids on the way from reefs2go etc.

So the question is this: I reworked my aquascaping so that I can now put things up high (the zoas I'd assume), or down low, or on the substrate (where I have an open brain right now)...

it seems that the way I have it set up there's going to be a huge middle section with just rocks showing through - any suggestions for how to be able to add corals there? For example, could I glue mushrooms to the side of the rocks, or would that flip em out? Basically I want there to be a "middle" section to the tank, not just a top and a bottom....
Thanks, in advance,
Can we get some pics so we know what your working with? And glue doesn't really affect corals. I they don't like where they're at they'll move or die. Like my Ricordia mushroom didn't like where I glued it so it unglued itself and floated around to multiple parts of rock till it found a spot it liked then rooted itself down. Zoas on the other hand will do one of 2 things. They'll either up root and float around or they'll melt and die. So if you see one of the 2 don't be alarmed.
I glue my frags to small rock rubble and then place those in spots that don't have many corals or options for corals. But yep, a picture would be great to see exactly what you mean. :)
I'll take some close ups this evening, but here's what I have on-hand. The rock kinda resting on the top on the right has been relocated to the substrate to create a lower level platform for stuffs...
Not entirely sure honestly - I definitely need some caves down low to keep the goby happy...

Its the three big rocks on the bottom (the one behind the brain, and the two next to it) that I'm most concerned about - there's not a lot of flat surface area onto which I can put things, and I don't think I can "rest" things on there: it would need to be anchored/glued somehow...I'm thinking matte type mushrooms for that area (like the flat green ones with the filaments on em) or possibly some ricordea. I definitely want to get a toadstool in there someplace as well.
Toadstools like high light med-hi flow.

Yep, I know that part of it, just trying to figure out how to fit it in there, potentially with its base at the "mid" range of my tank - I have a power head that would just be ruffling the top of it...just not sure how to attach the durn thing...I mean, will it know on its own to kinda bend up towards the light?
I'll take a pic of my dry aquascape in my 55 tonight and see if that gives u any ideas.
Well, I would start with the biggest rocks you have. Get those on the bottom and start from there. Don't be affraid to lean rocks against the back wall of your tank, could help you out with different angles for pleasing look. After that, get creative! I've rearranged my tank three times and am now finally happy with it. I'll be honest, when I first opened up my shipment of LR and saw the one piece that was as big as my chest...yeah, I had no clue what to do with it. Just take a step back and imagine what it is that you want.

Fiji rock isn't the most flat rock in the world, which is what you seem to be looking for. If that is what you want, why not chisel away at a piece of LR to get the shape you want? If that isn't what you are looking for, have you looked at caribean LR? It has more of a "ledge" look that you seem to be looking for. Easy to check some out at my tank showcase if you want.

Summary - get creative and just start stacking. Can't know what you can and can't do until you try it out.

This is my aquascape for my 55. Like they said above keep it creative. I follow the golden ratio to the best of my ability. Though I would never lean my rock against my back wall. I've noticed that it creates dead spots even with circ pumps.
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Though I would never lean my rock against my back wall. I've noticed that it creates dead spots even with circ pumps.

It can, but with the proper setup this won't happen. If it does and you like the setup, add another power head! I might be a tad jaded with my thoughts on leaning LR, but I built my setup all from caribbean LR and is all quite flat and long. I have 3 pieces of Fiji and used it as a base to build my caves and overhangs.
I also use the back glass for leaning rock, you just need to make sure its completely 100% stable. You wont be scraping the back glass anyways so might as well use it. :)

I have 2 powerheads currently and have no dead spots anywhere, it's just a matter of adjusting them for maximum circulation.
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