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Mar 2, 2009
Has anyone ever ordered anything from this website (aquatraders)? I was thinking about ordering a light fixture from them but I wanted to check before I bought anything. thanks in advance
I wanted to buy an overflow from them but the shipping is ridiculous.

Plus I've seen on other forums people saying how their light fixtures catch fire or dont work right period. But I haven't had any experience with them so it could have just been freak accidents.
the older odyssea lights had problems so far the newer stuff i havent heard anything.

never heard about them what fixture are you looking to order?
Odyssea 36" 156W (4x 39W) T5 HO Light Fixture Advance Online Price $89.00

  • Fixture Size: 35.75" x 7" x 2.75"
  • Support: 4x 39W T5 High Output Fluorescent Tube, 3x Dual Bluemoon LED
Made in china, not UL approved, no warranty, mine lasted 6 months then fried. The fuse blew after 1 of the 3 ballasts failed. I have been to the store, nice people. Don't know about the latest products, see them on ebay at about 2/3 the price of known brands.
I agree that safety should always be a priority, and I am not suggesting that you abandon the UL listing. I would like to point out something about the UL listing. It simply means that UL has taken a product ( light fixture in this case) and tested it for safety and operation at it's intended use. That is the only use that product is listed for use as. Anybody that has taken a fixture apart and used pieces of it in a canopy, or purchased the retro kits for their system, does in fact have a non UL listed fixture.

The oddyssea fixtures use standard components. They have chosen not to submit samples to UL to tear apart and test.

With the one Oddyssea fixture I have, there have been more pros than cons.

Take a look at these guys too. Catalina Aquarium
I have this fixture in the 48" model and think it's a very nice fixture. Watch if you are not in a hurry, they go on sale from time to time.
thanks for the input guys, guess im going with nova extreme from dr.

Hey you know how the lights come with two 10k daylight and 2 blue. Do I run all 4 all the time or the 10k during the day and blue at night? or how do you run them? I plan on having corals and aneneme. thanks
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