Are Cory cats that easy to breed?

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Aug 14, 2021
Middletown NY
In my 10 gal fully planted tank I have........
* Harlequin Rasboras
* Neon Tetras
* With 4 Panda Cory cats
I also have some Cherry Shrimp that are multiplying and adding some red color through out the tank
All seem to be doing great and this tank has been up and running for almost a year now.

Anyway, today I noticed that I have at least 3 extremely tiny newly hatched Corry cats . I never even realized I had a Cory female as my 4 Cory cats all seem to look the same.
How do you tell a female from a male?

I do have an extra 10 gal tank and a good filter for it so, eventually I might have to set up (and cycle) another tank.
The female panda cory is larger and has a more rounded underbelly; females are much wider than the male when viewed from above. Often the rounded belly of the female causes their head to sit a bit off the bottom of the tank. Males are sleeker and shorter in length than females.

I found the above on google. Sure much more info. I myself often read such descriptions but still can’t tell unless they say the male is blue and the females yellow. Probably you should take a close look at online photos
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My albino Cory cats all look exactly the same to me! No breeding going on that I’m aware of. They’re in a community tank of peaceful fish, but I suspect these gentle fish are eating everyone’s eggs & fry.

How big are your baby pandas? They sound absolutely adorable.
When Corydoras are mature, the females are bigger (longer and wider when viewed from above). It's not a major difference but there is 2-3 mm in length and width on the females over males.

Corydoras will breed in a planted tank if conditions are right. They don't even need plants but they do need somewhere safe to hide if they feel threatened. Once they are mature and well fed, they breed. You can encourage breeding by doing big daily water changes (75% per day) using water that is a few degrees cooler than the aquarium water. This simulates rainfall and that is when the fish breed in the wild (during the wet season).

They will also breed when the barometric pressure drops. This is usually associated with cold wet weather.
That’s very interesting, Colin. I read dojo loaches are often called weather loaches because their behavior responds to barometric drops.
How big are your baby pandas? They sound absolutely adorable
They are as tiny as my smallest Cherry Shrimps are.
Also, they are a bit hard to spot since I have a graver substrate.

Anyway, this debunks the myth that Cory Cats only thrive on sand.:)
(y)There are many myths in the fish universe in need of debunking. It’s great your cats are doing so well.
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