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well, today i walk intoo my room to get my stuff to take a shower and i feed my fishies, i look and wow THERE ARE BABIES!! :lol: so i start taking them out and then i notice there are 16 babies! i was like holy cow! so of corse i call friends and ask if they want some fish, no they dont want any, so now i have collected all the fish, and it seems that 5 had died, i can not keep up with these babies! what can i do with the male who keeps impregnating my female fish? i dont want or need ne more babies! 8O
these are mollies and they are the 4th set of babies!
Be careful when you get rid of the male. Female livebearers have a "storage system" and can have up to 12 batches of fry even after the male is gone. Weird. Only males is the surest way to prevent babies.

I might get in trouble for typing this but the easiest thing to do is nothing. Most (but not always all) babies will get eaten if you don't fish them out. And the bigger fish will love you for the live food. Good luck.

i want to keeep the babies, but get rid of the male, i have heard from other people that i could flush the male....goood or bad? :cry:
Ouch. Bad. Please don't do that. I say give or sell him back to your fish shop. That way maybe he could find another home.

Just for information on euthanasia should it be necessary for any of your fish or your friends' I suggest reading
The consensus is that flushing a fish is one of the cruelest deaths you can visit on a poor little fishy.
Yeah, dude. PLEASE don't needlessly kill the fish.

I'm sure there are plenty of ppl who'd gladly take it. I highly recommend bringing the fish back to the store.

Or, if you want to raise the fry, you could simply sell those back to the store!! You'd make a few bucks that way, no?
Yes, PLEASE don't flush fish! They can actually survive for a time in the water & sewer systems. Can you imagine being in that kind of polluted water? Not a pleasant way to die. I agree with poi, most fish stores will take in fish if you do not have a place for them. Some will even give you a small amount of credit for the fish. Probably not much for the mollies, but better to be there than the sewer system. 8O
well no one will take him, i called alot and none of my friends want him
you can just wait at a fish store and wait for someone to come in and their looking at the fish section. because this guy game me 4 goldfish free and he just left. they were shubunkins i think. and one triangleish goldfish.
What about a tank divider? They do make dividers for fish tanks I think they are made of a plexiglass material. Then you can keep the males one side and females on the other. And the best part is you get to keep all of your fish!
This tank is not very large as I recall. Did you ever get another tank? You could start another tank for males only. There must be an aquarium society around there--look them up and contact them.
yea i got a 10 gallon, now with one betta a red eyed tetra and CAE and 20 mollies! i added the betta before the babies came so i didnt know about it
Seriously, why not let natural life take it's course? once you have rasied the amount of mollies you want, let the babies swim around in the same tank, it is just a natural course of life, the fish will eat the babies, problem solved. Don't flush the guy though :(, or kill him, it's not his fault he wants to breed.. he is male after all :D
My suggestion would be to either 1- take your female back to the fish store, OR 2- don't do anything extra to save the babies, but whenever any survive and reach the size of about 1" take them to the LFS and see if you can get a few dollars worth of supplies for them

You might not be able to get any money for the fish, but few stores will turn down healthy fish, and some places will give you stuff in exchange.
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