Baby Jelly fish

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Mar 31, 2012
Eagle Point, Oregon
I was wondering if anyone has this happen in there tanks or knows exactly where they come from. For some reason my 12g nano produces baby jelly fish from time to time. Ranging from brown, yellow, blue and blue/brown combos. Biggest one I had was almost dime size. Never bought them and haven't put anything new in the tank. Nanos been running since 08 and they've been there from the start???
I will try to get a pic, Last one I saw was 2 weeks ago. It's hit and miss when they decide to show up. I was watching discovery channel ocean show, and they showed some baby jelly fish and they looked identical. It's really weird since I haven't added anything in a long time. Thanks you guys
Definitely not the hydroids, they swim around and move just like the adult jelly fish. Dang it! Had a video on my old phone.
I've actually read about a case of a hitchhiking box jellyfish which pack quite a punch so it really wouldnt surprise me all that much but I'd definitely love to see a pic lol
Looks like a jellyfish to me! Pretty cool!! I think all jellys and anemones, are in the Hydroid family. Ever tried to remove them and raise them? I'd like to have a small jelly tank, really be something different.
I've never tried catching them, but it would definitely be cool and different. The filters would be a problem to figure out, so they weren't going through your pumps.
Jelly tanks are a bit of a new fad, so there are actually commercial options available, but you can DIY a suitable tank with a little research and elbow grease. Essentially, there are two types of jelly tank; Cylindrical with air driven circulation, and what's called a Kreisel tank. German word for circle. Flat front and back, but the tank is circular. Water flows around the edge of the tank, keeping jellies in the center away from the filter. Do a google search, and you'll see what I mean.
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