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Dec 27, 2011
Bristol, WI
Hey All- I have been reading columns and various threads on here for a couple of weeks and just joined last night. It looks like there's so many helpful people on here. I've had tanks of various sizes on and off for my whole life, but we're now making it a real hobby. Here's a bit of a rundown on what we have:

Mine (20g)- 9-Glowlight Tetras, 2-Peppered Cory and 1-Green Cory.

Wife (37g)- 6-Red-Eyed Tetra, 8-Neon Tetra, 2-Albino Cory, 2-Peppered Cory, 3-Killi's (Golden Wonder, I believe) and 3 Platy (1-Pineapple, 2-Red, I think)

Son (10g)- 2-Pictus Cats and 2-Black Kuhli Loaches.

Daughter (10g)- 1-Mollie, 4-Ghost Shrimp, 2-Zebra Danios.

I also have a project sitting about 15ft away. It's a 55g that I'm sure needs re-sealed. So I'm looking for all of the re-sealing advice that I can get. It looks like a big project and one that I don't want to have to do twice.

I'm not sure where the hobby will take us, but I know that I'm all over these Cory Cats. They seem to have more personality than any fish I've ever seen.

I've noticed that in my wife's aquarium the Red-Eyed Tetra seem to dominate the tank. Not aggressively, but they have no fear. The original three came from my tank, and the other three came from Walmart.

My son's Pictus Cats are beautiful and very active. I realize that with the two loaches, his tank may be too small. I've been on the net every night for weeks learning about the hobby (addiction), and my family showed interest so I got them all started. I passed on a lot of the advice that I've picked up here and on other forums, but I purposely stayed out of their stocking choices. Hopefully they will get as absorbed in this as I have.

Anyhow, I'm also hoping that they will join and leach off of all of your knowledge and experiences.

Thanks for having me!
Welcome ! AA is helpful help me with a ton of info I don't know. I'm a fishie guy too!!
Nice tanks! I am going to tell you that the kuhuli loaches are not the biggest problem you have in the 10 gallon. Your 2 pictus cat fish will reach 5" each and need a minimum of 70 gallons each. The cories like to be in schools of at least 6 of their own kind. Same with tetras, good luck.... Welcome to AA! Lol.
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