Been out for 15 have 55 & 38 projects

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Feb 26, 2013
The only tank that contains water right now is a 10 gallon tank for which I'm doing a fishless cycle. It'll become a quarantine tank.

Friends gave me a 38 gallon tank and stand that will probably wind up in our bedroom. Haven't decided what form that tank will take.

My main project is a 55 gallon planted community tank. I'm building a stand for it now. Both the 55 and 38 tanks will use a Hamburg mattenfilter. I will have two heaters (two smaller rather than one large) located behind the black Poret® foam. My plan is to have a group of Bolivian rams in the tank in addition to some tetras and a couple of scavengers. It'll be low-tech - no CO2 or high light level.

That's it for now. More after sawdust settles.
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