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Jan 19, 2021
Would I be able to use a sediment filter with a filter cartridge attached to my overflow instead of using filter socks?I plan on having a refugium and protein skimmer as well
Instead of using filter socks in my sump, would I be able to use a filter housing (see image) with a filter in place of the socks? If not what else could I do besides useing socks or a roller.
Not sure how yours is configured? I took a net and bent to act like a clip over the over flow and fill it with filter floss, replace as needed.
There are other ways of filtering water. You do not want to put this type of filtration directly plumbed as it will back up your overflow. You can use a pump to move water through one easily. We use those filters all the time, usually to run media in a more effective manner. In terms of something like filter floss, there are better ways of doing filter socks, rollers, or sponges in the overflow and on return pumps.
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