Best Beginner Coral for Nano Reef

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Jun 11, 2017
SE Kansas
I'll be setting up a 32g biocube. It'll have a pair of True Percula, and at some point Xenia. What other corals would be suitable? They have to be fragged or the like, no wild caught ever. I'm not sure if I'll start with just the fish and add the coral later, or go all it from the beginning. I've never had a saltwater tank, and the most experience I've got with planted tanks is the Vallisneria in a 55g Apistogramma tank.
Zoas, gsp, Duncans, candy canes, mushrooms all are pretty easy and should do fine under the bio cube stock lights.
Okay, reading up about the recommended corals, they seem to be biotope with clownfish. That's a really nice bonus, it'll be more natural that way.
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