Best filter 170 gallon

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Nov 2, 2011
What would yall suggest filter wise for a 170 gallon freshwater tank. Money is an issue
I would recommend 2 Fluval FX5's, which can be purchased for around $440 shipped. This would meet and exceed your requirements for filtration in that sized tank.
Ya but being a college student, thats way too high. What about one or another brand?
That sized tank unless very lightly stocked with require alot of filtration and IMO one will not be sufficient, I'm sorry but it's a expensive hobby when you start getting into the larger set ups.

A FX5 with media turns over around 600gph and with substrate and decor that will turn your tank over around 3-4x per hour, this applies to other comparable filters in the same category.
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You could probably diy a few canisters. Half of the cost of each canister would probably be from the pump, the media can be cheap, and the canister itself must be a good one (meaning thats gonna cost you a bit to find a good one).
Would it be better to build a sump for it? I guess the only expensive part would be an overflow and return pump. I can cut glass myself and I have plenty of left over glass.
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