Best place to buy aquarium plants online?

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Oct 24, 2006
Lakewood, Washington U.S.A
As I prepare to make the plunge to a planted tank I have been checking out various places online to buy from. None of my LFS have very good selections + they're pricey. So which places can you all recommend for buying an assortment for a 55 gal. tank?

Some of the ones I've looked at are:

Thank you!
How about the classifieds and barter/trade section on this site. Just find out what you want and post.
This is the best place, true! But if you want to order, I'd go with AquaBid (lowcoaster, wermyapl, cfide are great), or
Be wary of ordering from anyplace that doesn't quote the shipping costs as you can end up with a big shock when the bill comes.

I concur that the Barter/Trade section of this forum is excellant for obtaining plants. I've had good luck with both and Lowcoaster on Aquabid. You could also see if there is a local fish club (or plant club if you're really lucky) in your area, as these can also be excellant sources of plants.
Go to ebay, find aquadisestore. They are the cheapest one - $2.99 each, free shipping.
I have ordered 12 plants from them by 3 orders. Quality is from ok to good, and no loss so far, all are survived and growing.

But, one problem for the site is, for each order, I received one wrong plant which is not ordered by me. I have to send email with picture to request the right plant that I bought. They did ship me the right plants for the first two orders for free, but not for the third order - so far. Anyway, I have ordered and paid 12 plants and got 14 plants so far.
I have had excellent luck with, through Fosters and Smith. I have bought quite a few plants and fish from them. They package both plants and fish well for shipping and their customer service is exceptional.

I ordered some fish, the main ones I wanted were on backorder, after two weeks they cancelled the backorder, I recontacted them about shipping costs, and they credited my account for the price of shipping, which I was able to apply to my next order. definately gets my recommendation for both plants and fish.
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