Biocube cloudy

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Jun 15, 2012
Hey guys! I'm new to the whole saltwater realm. I have a biocube 29 with live sand. I'm trying to get the cloudiness to go away. Would putting live rock in help to settle the sand?

If not what would help.

Thanks for any suggestions.
I would put in the LR and run some carbon
Ok, and by run some carbon you mean.... When I say new, I mean new. Haha. Thanks for your help.
Depending on the type of filter you have you can get different types of carbon inserts to go in it. Or you can get a mesh bag with carbon. Pick it up at your local fish store rinse it well then add to your filter.
The use of activated carbon in marine tanks is considered to be a form of chemical filtration. Working through absorption, activated carbon removes gelbstoff (the compounds that give water in an aquarium the yellow tint), some large organic molecules, medications, chlorine, pollutants and toxins, as well as many other types of chemical elements and compounds from the water that a protein skimmer or another means of filtration may not remove.

Stop by your LFS and ask for some then place it in your filter
Ok headed to LFS to pick up some LR and carbon. Thanks I'll keep you posted.
I have LR in and factory filter on tank with pump going. Worker at LFS said this should take the fine silt cloudiness out of tank in a few days.

Please tell me anything I'm missing here

Now just wait
Don't rush into getting fish/coral
Thanks for the input. So how long does it take for tank to settle?
To settle? A day of two
To cycle a month or more depends
The longer the better
Shap0311 said:
Thanks for the input. So how long does it take for tank to settle?

It could take a day or two... Mine took about 2 days. That's with 35lbs of live sand.

I just wanted to point one thing out. You said you have the sand in first then your adding the live rock? I would just be careful about the rock shifting around after adding stock and corals. Also when power heads and filter start moving things about things could shift. I put all my rock in first and played around with the scape a few times, then a few days later I added all my sand placing it all around the rocks, now with the rock firmly on the bottom it's less of an issue.

Just something to be mindful of when picking out fish like goby's, jawfish etc... They will dig under rocks like crazy TRUST me.
^ very good advice. No one told me this when I set up my tank. I have had to push the rocks down in the sand to prevent an avalanche. When you put rocks in be sure you get them down to the bottom of the tank and you'll be alright later on.
This may be a dumb question, but I don't know how this silt will disappear. After 15 hrs it looks the same. Do I need an EXTRA bag of carbon for an addition filter?
A pic may help. My Bio Cube took just about 2 full days to totally clear up. So your saying it's still cloudy? No change since you added sand? Filter is on right? I never had the use for carbon the tank just settled.

Yes filter is on with pump going. 40lbs of LS. 10lbs of LR to start.
Day and a half. Roger that, I'll update Monday to see the difference. Thanks.
Hey just another idea. Maybe turn the pumps/filter off? Stop everything from swishing around? Maybe it will settle quicker. Now that I think about it. I may have had everything off after I added the sand since there was no live stock or corals in it. Worth a try but I think it may help.

I also googled it and seems to be what people do. Not all people but never the less I that's not working for ya it won't hurt to turn everything off. Also when I cycled I had my lights off. I just turned them on every now and again.

Good luck!!
If the tank is new and you are cycling it, cut the light, powerheads, and filter. Just let everything settle and do its thing. It took my 55 almost 4 days to settle with how fine the sand was. That will show me to forget to rinse it. Just keep it heated and get the cycle going. Just let it go from there.
Ok pumps are off. Hopefully if it settles, it won't stir back up when I turn them on.
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