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Shap0311 said:
Ok pumps are off. Hopefully if it settles, it won't stir back up when I turn them on.

I think that's the way to go and you'll be fine when you tune everything back on. Do you have power heads? Reason I ask is I have 2 Koralia 425's and an upgraded pump from stock and when I turned everything back on the tank was fine.
I haven't had cloudy tank issues once the tank was cycled. Sand becomes "more sticky" with the bacteria growing in it. I also moved my powerheads up towards the top and gradually moved them further down where I wanted them to make sure I didn't stir it up. I have ended up kicking sand up, but nothing to cause cloudiness.
No power heads Convict, just the one head at top left.

So your tank can cycle with no fish?
Yes, there is a guide to fishless cycle in the articles section that can help you out. I'd suggest getting an uncooked shrimp from your grocery store. Just throw it in and wait/test water parameters.
Is there anything under your rocks other than sand?
If not your in for trouble when you get fish and they start digging. I have simple granite rocks resting on the tank bottom with the LR on those. Sand level is supposed to cover the stones but the dumb fish keep exposing them. But the LR is still stable on top of the stones.


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Ingy-nothing but the tank under the rocks. I tried to move them so that they were resting on bottom of tank.

Sniperhank- are there benefits to fishless cycle vs cycle with a damsel?
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