Black Ice or Picasso Clowns?

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Sep 3, 2011
Northern CA
Just curious to see what people like more...Black Ice, or the Picassos. I'm planning on buying a pair this week. I'd just like to know if folks like one more than the other. I'm planning to breed them for fun down the road. Do you prefer one specie over the other. Colors over the other etc etc. Please don't mention that they're overpriced or anything financially related.....
I would kill for a pair of black ice clowns. LOL I still cant rationalize the expense for two little fish so I won't, most likely, be getting them. I just had a clown go carpet surfing so I think I;'m also a bit worried with seeing $100 jumping the tank.
+1 Picasso
You can get different grades too, I had a beautiful pair until one made the jump. Black Ice's colors seem not as bright and a little dirtier than Picassos to me.

Here's a pic of my lonely Picasso...
I love my Picasso but I've not seen a black ice in real life. Here's my clownfish pair btw


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I just got a pair of snowcassos, which is type C Picasso bred with platinum clowns. Go to , they are very pricy but well with it, just put a lid or cover so ur fish can't jump.
Doni does have great fish and she does take a lot of care in breedng and shipping them. To tell you the truth she is very picky about her fish I have seen some of her snowcassos in person and they are fantastic. She also has platinums now ready to go. Hope she is at the next reefsmart with them so I can drool again :brows:
I too would kill for a black ice! I just recently picked up an onyx purcula. I like the amount of black with a little orange showing. Maybe someday the price on the black ice will go down
Yeah, I've been following Doni for years. I love her work. I'm more interested in the breeding prospects.

Breeding two picassos can get you a snowcasso, platium, picasso, and then regular perculas.

However, breeding 2 black ice clowns...I'm not so sure what you'd get. Since they're originally a snowflake and black clown mix, it seems almost impossible you'd ever get a platinum ocellaris. It seems much more likely you'd get more black ices' from the mating. I'm not sure what the other possibilities would be of a black ice x black ice breeding.
Lol! Not a bad idea. I'd just like to know what the progeny of 2 black ice clowns would be. Can't find any information on it.
Well, since you are handing out free fish to those with helpful advice, use RO/DI water and do frequent water changes, and don't over feed..
I paid a pricey sum for a pair of what were sold to me from tmc as snowflake clowns, they are BEAUTIFUL!
After doing some research though mine looked differ to the other snowflakes id been seeing. Their colours seemed to pop out out at you more, with a bit further research i found they were black ice snowflakes!
Tbh i prefer the colour of clowns so to be fair im pretty happy. Ill try and get a photo and post it, although they are pretty fast lol.
Clownfish ARE the hardest fish in the world to take photos of lol!
My wifi is down at the minute when it's back on ill upload a video on YouTube of them and ill put a link up. I have them in my nano at the minute whilst im saving the rest of the money for my 110gal. They will go in there eventually and hopefully breed. :)


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Wow, very nice clowns there. Love the look of them! Is that a H.Magnifica they're hosting?
Thanks a lot they are my pride and joy! No rick its e quadricolour (red bubbletip) would like a magnifica gonna have to wait for me to get the big tank though. Lol my rbta allready rules this tank it will also be going into the 110 gallon with the clowns.
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