bottling salt water

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Aug 1, 2005
After mixing RO water with salt mix and aerating 24 to 48 hours can it then be bottled and added to the aquarium later. I always had a good stock of prepared water bottled up and ready to go when I had my freshwater fish in case of emergencies.

One emergency that comes to mind for me is a tropical storm if not hurricane knocking out my electric for several days. I have several battery powered air pumps but with the electric out the bio filtration will quickly be gone and my only hope will be water changes.
I would not think so! you need to check on a power inverter. They sell them at Wal-Mart ... then you can run the inverter off of a car battery and run your filters at the very least off the inverter! May not last a long time, but it's better than those bubbler things IMO!
Not sure if I understand your reply Jermz. Are you saying its a bad idea to bottle water after mixing it with salt or battery powered aerators are a bad idea?
well ... battery powered aerators are o.k. but I would rather be running my filter and powerheads! This would be possible if you had an inverter!

And ... I would imagine that bottled saltwater would be no good after so long ... you'd have to keep it circulating some how and if it was bottled you couldn't do that!

Sorry I looked over my response and your right it was a bit confusing huh? It's been a long week! :D
I would think it would be ok if you kept it in a cool place, I would not keep it for months and months. I like storing my water in the large 32 gal cans with a PH... I have kept slat water for 3 months like this with no issues.
Give it a try... fill up one jug and save it for a few months checking it monthly for smell and testing... That would be the best way to find out..
Actually if I have a prolonged power outage I will be done anyway. There will be no way to keep the temperature of the tank low enough to keep the fish alive. The only hope would be to have a generator and a chiller.

I am starting to develop a pretty long list of reasons not to stock any truly expensive specimens until I can accumulate all of the necessary equipment and in Florida a generator and a chiller can be quite necessary at any time during the hurricane season. Looks like it will be a year or more but I can still have some fun in the mean time with some less expensive stock.
sorry to hear about the power outage... They suck.. I bought a generator a few years ago and it is the best $500 I have spent in a long time. 5000 watt does the whole house.
If you have the room keep a couple bottles of water frozen at all times for the times when the tank gets hot, toss one in the sump or tank to help keep it cooler.. It may help a little..
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