Breeding clowns????

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May 22, 2013
My mom was asking," how do they get clownfish that look like that?" (It was a midnight) and I started telling her about breeding clowns and she said " we should do that!" That is the first time she has said something like that!!!

So my question is. I already have to normal occelaris clowns in my 36. But I have a 10 gallon lying around. And we were thinking of setting that up and putting a normal occ and a black occ in there.

What will I need? (I already have filter and tank)

What will a black and orange occ make?

And how much will they breed?

I know the baby's will be hard to care for but I'm up for it!!!!!
Google breeding clown fish as good info onit as looked when first got some but dont think 10 gal will be good tank plus can take awhile get them to pair up. I had mine just over year and no joy yet
Noworrys mate, just wish mine would have eggs but my female is a right ***** lol when got them she was the smaller one and killed the bigger one so got smaller one and there fine at min and been just over yr now but poor little guy always getting nipped fins but he's tough tho.
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