Brown sand?

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Sep 29, 2011
Just wanted to see if I am in trouble or not, some of my sand has turned brownish with some little bubbles on top is this bad? I have a 50gal tank with some chromis and a small salfing tang. Please advise, thanks.
OOOOOOOOOO that tank is NOT big enough for that tang!!!!! 125 125 125!!!!!!! It will need a 6' tank in the long run!!!
thanks, yeah my tank has been set up for about 2 months now, so will it affect any of my fish?
The bioload from the tang will cause a lot of problems in your tank. It is best if you can find someone to take it until you have your big tank up and going. Tangs are known to get stressed and end up with ich and or lateral line disease in smaller tanks.
If he is small he will be fine for now. The stuff on the sand is diatoms and will go away soon. You don't need to give up the tang just make sure you are planing on upgrading to a 6ft tank. Tangs can become prone to ich and hlle. Around the 6month mark is when you should be upgrading not a year. Also the bio load from the tang will not cause any problems for your tank so long as it is cycled. Keep up with maintenance and everything will be fine
Ok thank you for the advise, yeah the tang is small that is why we got him. I was going to wait a year before I got the new tank but I will go ahead and get it sooner so I wont have any problems with it, thanks.
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