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Oct 6, 2011
Last night by bubble anemone looked amazing and today I woke up to it all shriveled. Is it okay or no?? :confused:



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They will sometimes shrink for 24 hours, many soft and LPS corals seem to do this now and then. If it doesn't fully redeploy in 24 hours, you might then need to worry. My torch coral and Kenya tree coral do this all the time.
They are mostly sustained by the algae growing on the tissues, but it grows by eating small bits of food. You can try any of a number of foods designed for corals, just don't over do it. Most of them do fine with left over tiny bits the fish don't eat.
Anemones do have to eat even if it is left over fish food. It looks like your anemone probably pooped. I did a lot of research about bta and it seems like silversides isn't the best diet for them (that is what my LFS told me) mysis shrimp is much better even small pieces of raw shrimp is fine for them. I feed target feed mine once a week a few mysis I am hoping my clown will learn to feed it instead of trying to eat everything it's self. Light and flow is what makes the bubble tip happy. Most but not all like to be towards the bottom of the tank but they have been known just to get up and move.

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