Building new canopy for my 125 gallon tank

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Mar 22, 2006
I need to know were I can buy a reflector thats around 49" long by 22" wide to lay inside my canopy to keep heat off the wood. Can anyone give some directions were to buy this material. going to use vho bulbs and two 175 watt halogen bulbs. this will give a total of 740 watts or 6 watts tank size. shoud be able to grow most coral and some clams, right!

Please give me any idea were I can buy the refector material will be great start.

thanks Les,,,,,,,,, :lol:

Sorry, I meant HALIDE lights. Can you buy a flat piece of reflector material in this size. :roll:
I use a reflector but I use it so I dont have to have a canopy. I have 4 VHO`s under it. I got mine at my LFS. Here is a pic.


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