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Nov 29, 2003
Just wanted to make a comment on blennies-I have a bi-color blenny in one of my tanks and he is a STINKER!!! Thinking of putting him in the sump because he will bang, bite, and nudge snails off of things just to sit and wait for them to try and tip over. When they do--LOOK OUT! Bam! In for the attack. Added 25 new snails last week. He apparently doesn't like them, or rather does! I'm down to about 15 from the original 25. Just interested in hearing other people's experiences with these stinkers!
Wow, that is aggressive, the ones I've seen at stores seem to just go everywhere, but never agressiv like that! Time to rethink about what fish will be going into my tank! 8O
I have a Midas Blenny (Penny) that is very territorial. I added a couple of new hermits to my tank and they traveled to Penny's rock. She quickly picked them up with her mouth and threw them into the sand. She did this constantly for the first week. Now she pretty much ignores them unless they are really in her way. The smaller hermits stay away from her as much as possible.
My blenny does the same thing with the hermits. If they get to close to where the blenny is sitting hell pick the hermits up and move them to the sand. I think its kind of fun to watch.

hummm would be my guess that he bitin the snails for the algae on the shells !! mine does the same from time to time but no harm done !!!
No harm is done to my hermits, they just right themselves and move along.
I think she does it for fun, there is no algae on the hermit shells. I agree with Dewey, it is fun to watch. :lol:
The thing I like to do when I feel the need to find comic relief in my blenny is to throw some new shells in front of his barnacle. Crowd gathers...enough said!!!
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