can anyone help identifying gender of my mollies

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Jun 2, 2020
hey everyone! i’m new to this website but i’ve had fish basically my whole life, but i have some questions about my mollies if anyone could help answer them!
fyi, here’s my current tank setup:
10 (maybe 15?) gallon tank
1 pleco (not sure of specific breed)
2 dalmatian mollies
2 silver lyretail mollies
first question; so basically one of my fish had babies about a week after i bought them. i guess the pet store either didnt realize or just didn’t let me know, but i still have no idea which one it was (kinda crazy i know) but here are some pictures of the mollies and the fry since i know it wasn’t the pleco lol.
second question; can anyone let me know what the sexes of my mollies are? based on the research ive done, i think the more lightly spotted dalmatian molly is a male, while all of the others are female, but one of my silver mollies is much larger than the other, and i dont know if that indicates it might be a male? i’m not sure.
last question; if both of my silver mollies are female, why is one of them so much larger? are they just getting more food? are they pregnant? i have no idea whether they got pregnant at the pet store or in my tank either. just so many questions lol

first (bigger) silver molly:




second (smaller) silver molly:
(sorry this is the only photo i could get lol)

first dalmation molly:


second dalmation molly:
I can't see the pictures (a glitch I often get on this website) however I can tell you how to tell the genders.
Look at the anal fin (right by the tail on the bottom).
If it's rounded/fan shaped it's a female. If it's pointed/skinny it's a male.
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