Can maracyn and maracyn II be used at the same time?

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Feb 3, 2004
South Florida
If you aren't sure if you are dealing with gram positive or gram negative bactera can you use both meds at the same time?
Yes, you can but there are better medications available, such as Kanamyacin. From the reading I have done, very few of the problems are from gram positive bacteria. The other problem with Maracyn II is that it is a teracycline family drug which means it is inhibited by calcium. If you have hard water it will inhibit it, so you need to add more. The only antibiotic that I have found to be effective is Kanamyacin.
The brand i used is no longer being made, but I have seen another brand, although I can't remember the name. The dosage on the backage was about 1/3 of what it should be.
Kanamycin Sulfate is hard to come by. Seachem sells it as Kanaplex. You may also try Spectrogram, which is a broad spectrum antibiotic that has nitrofurazone and kanamycin together, but is also nearly impossible to find. I believe alot of the stronger antibiotics are no longer sold because of FDA regulations.

Either kanamycin or nitrofurazone(also found in Furan-T) will work as a good broad spectrum antiobiotic.
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