canister and sump

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Mar 18, 2009
hello i was wondering if any one here has ever heard of having a sump and a canister filter on the same tank

i have a 55 tank with a mega flow 2 sump i belive its a ten gallon sump

and i was thinking about having the two filter types on the tank it is fresh water now but this summer it is being changed to salt water

what do you guys think of this set up

i am also having troubls with my over flow box for my sump. it ndoes not have a steady flow it fills up then bubbles then drains but keeps its siphin
You can certainly have a sump and canister filter on the same tank. Nothing wrong with it.

In response to your overflow issue from your welcome thread...

You said the overflow box is filling up then draining and is very loud. What are you using for plumbing from the bottom of the overflow (outside of the tank) down to your sump? Is it a flexible hose? Is it a straight run from the overflow down to the sump?

Based on the description I'm going to guess that you are using a gray flex hose and it is too long for the job. It probably goes "uphill" at some point on it's way to the sump. Just a guess but that sounds like what could be going on.

IF that is the case you want to either get a shorter hose or use something different to plumb your drain. You want the run to be straight and always flowing down hill.
alright thank you

you guessed my problems hahah yeah i just took the sump off for now

i just bought a new tank so i think its going on that one
As Allen said their`s nothing wrong with both. Always good to have a way to use carbon if you have to. Welcome to AA
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