Carbon placement in 14g oceanic nano.

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Oct 24, 2003
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Is it safe for the carbon and mesh bag to touch the heater?

The problem I have is the oceanic has 3 chambers. The 3rd chamber is the return pump and actually doesn't hold much water. The second chamber is wet/dry, which is filled with live rock rubble and a drip plate. The first chamber is the surface/mid tank intake, and the only spot where I can really put a heater.

The problem is that with a heater there, the only way to put carbon in is to either use their "purchase monthly filter cartridges", or use a mesh bag with carbon, which is obviously the preferred method. The thing is though that there isn't really any way to put the carbon in there without it also touching the heater.
The problem is that the water level is only to the level of the pump. It is odd how oceanic did it, but essentially there isn't room for anything in the 3rd chamber.
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