cardinal fish food?

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Apr 1, 2005
rockport, massachusetts
I have a pair of banggai cardinal fish who have been in my tank for 4 days. They are the only residents so far, except for inverts. They look beautiful, but they haven't eaten anything I've given them. I've tried: Prime reef flakes, recommended by the notorious LFS, ground up fresh squid, ground up fresh shrimp, and the flakes I feed my freshies: Tetramin tropical flakes. No go on any of this.

I know these fish are shy and tend to be nocturnal. Are they just settling in? Or is 4 days too long to go without any food? Any thoughts or suggestions?
To get my pj card to start eating I fed him live brine shrimp. I would get this for him 2 times a week for a month. Slowly he started to eat different foods. Now he will go after everything. He is a really cool fish and even though he is nocturnal, he still perks up whenever the food goes in. Give it time.
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