Centeral Florida Aquarium Club?

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Jan 25, 2012
Hi guys! Lately i have been really hating going to the LFS around me, hey are so expensive for bad stock! Any way, i was wondering if there is a central florida aquarium club. Id love to be apart of an aquarium club, and be able to trade stuff. ( i have mainly Fw. BUt want to dive into salt)

I also want to talk with other aqua-hobbyest, about aquariums! ( parents will be happy that its not them lol)
I belong to the Tampa Bay Aquarium Society (TBAS) they have lots of members and meet on Mondays once per month at the Florida Aquarium. Many of the members are breeders of both fish and plants. Members are from both fresh and salt aquariums, but most are fresh water. There are many breeders of both African Cichlids, Amazon Cichlids, Live bearers, the list goes on and on. We have a guest speaker at most meetings, with many from the Florida Aquarium. Our last meeting was about aquatic plants, and there was an aquatic nursery there to tell us about aquatic plants as well as give away plants of all sorts. I don't know where you live, but if it is anywhere in central Florida, it is worth it. The address if TBAS is: There is a newsletter and the members are really friendly. There is a wealth of experience to be found there to include contacts to save you a lot of money on fish, plants and equipment........Dwayne
Try frag, I'm a member and its orlando based. We meet once a month. Look up florida reef aquarium great club
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