Cleaning used equipment

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Apr 5, 2005
I just bought some used equipment from a friend - a wet/dry filter, a UV sterilizer and a bunch of hard coral. What do you guys suggest as far as cleaning them? My friend suggested bleach but I don't know in what concentration. Thanks for the help, guys!
try 10 parts water one part vinegar. It works pretty well. If you use bleach you can try the same concentration as the vinegar. Make sure to rinse with pureified water.
Hard coral? is this live or dead?
Vinegar or Low bleach solution and rinse very very well... IMO no need for purified water just use tap and dry well.

I have used soap before also and it worked well in just dirty items that don't have any coraline on them.. The key is rinsing well...
All the coral is dead. I'm actually soaking most of the stuff in a bleach bath right now. Can I soak overnight? If that's ok, I'll probably drain the bleach water and let everything soak for another night in some fresh water and periodically change it out.
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