Clownfish ready to breed?

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Apr 29, 2015
Lately I've been noticing strange behavior between my clownfish pair. To start they are absolutely inseparable now which is kind of cool. But they also seemed to have picked out a very specific spot on a rock where they constantly rub and pick at. I've also noticed the seizure like behavior of the smaller fish but I've noticed that sense the week it was added to the tank.

I guess my question is what are some signs they may lay some eggs soon?
I'm not really trying to get them to breed but if it happens I want to be ready

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It's kind of funny you started this thread , I just discovered in my clowns little hole eggs all over the back glass and all over the cave walls ,
me and my wife were joking about this just the other day , guess it's time to set up the 20long
Well from what I read they like caves and will put them inside and above things usually and hang out in there and fan them. Except for Seaweed's!!! They do what they want!
I dunno what's going on or if they are ready or not! It seems like they are by the behavior they are showing. I'm really intrigued

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I hope you get little clown fry would be really cool

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