Condy Anemone

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No it's not, if you have an occ clown it's natural host anemone is the magnificent. However this is an expert nem. You could try a bubble tip or long tentacle but be aware your clowns may never host it (you can't make them) especially if they are tank raised clowns. Mine host a bubble tip but it took them about a year to find it! You should also know that nems require very high lighting and mature, stable tanks. Most people recommend waiting 6 months to a year before introducing one...
Is a Condy anemone compatible with an Ocellaris Clownfish

Florida Condylactus anemones ( Condylactis passiflora) don't usually host fish and can eat them but Haitian Pink Tip Anemones( Condylactus Gigantea) have been known to host many clownfish types that prefer Bubble anemonies. I've seen Maroons, skunks, sebae clowns as well as Domino Damsels use them. If you are adding for hosting, go with the HPT. Better odds for your fish ;)

Hope this helps (y)
Thanks for the info. Ill have to read up on both of those nems if you have any other info for me please feel free to let me know I'm a newbie at this and want to get all the info I can get

No dramas. Have you got a tank set up already? I always recommend people check out the articles on here on how to set up a new tank and there is plenty of good info on maintenance too...
No not yet I'm gathering my info now and then hopefully soon I can start my tank
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