coral compatibility chart?

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Nov 4, 2004
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Can anyone point me in the right direction to find something like a "coral compatibility chart"? I have certainly seen those for fish, but I haven't been able to find one for corals... i realize that tanks differ one to another, but I'm assuming there is a good resource out there that I am missing, to help me make the best choices in my tank?
Thanks for your help...
Generally you don't want to mix softies and stony corals, for chemical warfare reasons. Other than that, they usually do alright. If you find one coral overly agressive to it's neighbor, you can move it away or place another rock between them.
As ds says it would be best to have a monospecific tank where you kept either zoos, shrooms, & leathers or SPS and LPS. Leathers put out a toxin that the SPS won't tolerate well. Zoos & shrooms can kill an SPS if they're allowed (or if they disobey and do it anyway) to grow near the base of the SPS. SPS and LPS seem to do well together except for the fact that most SPS require high light and most LPS like lower lighting.

In each species there are some that are known for their sting. Some worse than others. I think it along the lines of when a touches b, a dies. If b touches c then c dies but if d touches b then b is toast.

When they touch:
Frogspawn will kill a candy cane
xenia will kill a monti cap
platagyra will kill a favia
milli will kill digi
most other acros can coexist peacefully with digi
frogspawn & torch will coexist, touching even!
Hydnophora is best left in the sand by itself though my microconus & my green hydnos seem to do well together, touching even. If it touches most else it will probably kill it (though I've had frogspawn fall on it with no ill effect to either).

I think you'd do better to discuss what you like about certain corals and which ones you'd like to keep. People might then be able to tell you which ones you could keep together and which ones need their space (platagyra send out sweepers, as do pavona and bubbles ...).
I have yet to see a chart.. and I personaly think it would be a great idea if someone had that much knolege of the subject.. Phyllis has alot of points covered in the above post.. more then I was aware of..
nice post Phyllis!!! :D

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