coral ID

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steve r

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Oct 9, 2004
kenosha wisconsin
this was labeled a red crown leather at the LFS. at $7.99 i thought it was good price , so ipicked it up. it actually is looking better at home than it did at the LFS.
i have learned that a crown coral is the same as a toadstool. is this a crown/toadstool leather? other toadstool coral i have seen almost look like an anenome on a stump. is this one just too young ?

steve r
Can I see the coral from a profile view? Im assuming the photo above is basicly a top down look.

From the top down look my guess would be a devils hand.
i will try to take one tomorrow. the view is kind of front on slightly down. the side view looks like a white/tan horn shape.

steve r
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