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May 22, 2002
Fort Collins, Colorado
I had some idle time to I went looking at all-glass aquarium's site (bad idea) to look at different sized tanks. It's almost time to up size my puffer tank to my 75. I'll need a new reef tank then (y)
A 120 (48x24x24) would fit nicely in the spot but I saw a 92 gal corner tank. 34" on a side and 24" deep (officially 48x34x24). Looks really cool. 34" from any point on the front to the back corner. 90 degrees of curved glass. Might make a really unique reef tank. Lighting would be a challenge.

Anyone seen these (set up or otherwise)?
We have one at the store that is similar to what you're talking about. It is smaller...about 44 gal I think. It has a three front panes that come off of a 90 corner. Kind of a corner hex I guess. I thought the same a neat reef tank. The first thing that came to mind regarding lighting was a pendant with MH and PC actinics. I guess you'd need at least 2 MH's for that tank and...maybe a 96w powerquad for the actinic? It would be a really neat tank.
Logan J
I saw one just like you described in Denver a couple of weeks ago and thought it looked great. The hood that came with it had access ports for 2 light boxes. Hard to describe here but give me a call and we can talk. They also had a nice 140 gallon rectangular that would be nice.
I have seen a few set up as reefs, they are really cool! I think that cause of the shape, you actually end up with less room to place corals, less surface area of a comparable sized tank. I saw one person light it with PC lighing (power quads would allow for more ecen lighting, but if I were to set one up, I'd use a couple of 250W or 400W MH.
I had a 46 gallon set up. I went to a shorter tank due to lighting constraints. But the 46 gallon corner was my first sw tank. its now home to my ciclids.

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