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Jan 23, 2007
i plan on getting a 92 corner tank,but wanted to know if u guys have had/heard of any drawbacks form them compared to a regular 90 gallon tank. from wut i see it may be harder to get light to the whole tank,but i plan on setting up a FOWLR anyway.

comments/thoughts/opinions please.
If you are doing a FOWLR tanh then it`s no big deal. But I have heard the same thing as far as hard to get lighting that fits a corner tank. I`m moving this to the General Hardware and equipment discussion. You get more reviews there.
I spent a lot of time looking at different tanks before I got the one I have (72g bowfront) I actually love the tank you are talking about because the large floor space in it. You can get enough light throughout the tank if you do a DIY lighting system. I'm thinking 2 MH (250 or 175) and then a 4 bulb VHO system to supplement. I don't remember the dementions of the one I looked at but I drew up a lighting option for it in case I endup getting one later down the road. It is possible but you have to get creative!
We've got the 92 gallon corner and we love it!! We're reefers and we don't have any issues with the lack of lighting, just get some good lights & keep the top glass clean!!... its a great tank!!
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