Cory fry - pics

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I'm not sure what exactly it was that triggered mine. I have six peppered cory cats in a 36g and they've been together for a year now. I recently changed my aquarium substrate to something more natural and that involved moving all the fish out to a shallow holding container and a very large (~50%) water change. I've also recently lowered my water temperature to accommodate the new white clouds and it sits around 73 now. With school, a dog, a cat and a tank full of fish I don't really have time to be worrying about breeding fish so the cory eggs were a complete surprise. I've only ever ended up with a few at a time, likely the rest are all eaten. If they don't stick to something the white clouds will gladly gobble them up. So which one of those things triggered them? I have no idea!

i have thought about changing to pool filter sand so this makes it added incentive and maybe ill lower the temp
In 4 breeding cycles for my fish, I haven't really seen a pattern, other than maybe they laid eggs after a unusually large feeding. I tend to be stingy in some feedings... keeps the tank cleaner, and the byproducts low. Algae wafers are a good food to try, if you haven't used those yet.

Convict: I would guess your pleco will eat the eggs; your cories will if they're inclined to. These eggs will leave marks on the glass, so if you see some, the eggs have been there and gone. Cories supposedly treat a burst of new water as a spawning event, so a water change may do it. If you have a fat female that one or two males are hanging onto, you have enough 'lovin' happening to get some eggs. Just wait for it.
i feed them alge wafers so the plec doesnt eat the plants,i lowered the temp.the spots on the glass is interesting.i never knew that, if i see spots i will move the plec.i was never interested in breeding them until i had to move them.a small cory died and a fish my son had for 3 years died trying to swallow it(it was a mess)i tried to save it but it damaged the gills on the way down.anyway i moved them to their own tank
just changed to play sand

threw out my old gravel,so hopefully the corys will feel the need to breed now ive also thought about adding a few more to increase the odds.
Any luck yet, convict? One of my cories just dropped eggs AGAIN in the main tank, that's twice in less than a month. I'm almost sure it's due to overfeeding... I put in about double the normal number of algae wafers (accidentally) yesterday.
no not yet but they seem much more happy with the sand,also they are panda cories i read they only lay eggs on plants not the glass so maybe they have laid eggs and i just cant see them (i hope)

i came home from work today and their is a single cory egg stuck to the glass.cant wait for more
just one, eh? Well give it time... whoever is laying them may just be warming up. make sure they get enough food.
ya thats what i figured,i feed them twice a day and i give them a variety of food.i changed from gravel to sand,lowered the temp,bought more corys,and the tank is very heavily planted so they have places to hide.its cory paradise
corys laid more eggs today

my wife counted 56,by the time i got home from work their was about 10.i gathered them with some java moss and rolled it into a ball to protect them so hopefully it works.the egg from before hatched,i found the fry during a water change (almost went down the toilet) it was swimming pretty good when i put it back in the tank but havent seen it since.just want to say thx for the advice it has seemed to work
I wonder if some of this goes by the moon or other factors... my cory just dumped a bunch of eggs on the glass yesterday.

well it sounds like you have the right idea... in an open tank, the fry will hide in dark spots until they grow some. put some sinking food to where they might be, and they'll find it.
That's awesome, I can't get my Green Cory Cats to breed, any suggestions?
If they're mature, and you have at least one male and female each, shouldn't take much more than plenty of algae wafers and a stress-free tank with good water. After looking at my main tank for the past year. I can't really say it took much more than that. Keep in mind, you may need one female cory who's a real egg-dumper and if you only have a few cories, there may not be one of those in the bunch. Be patient.
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