Corydoras elegans fin rot?

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Thanks, Devilishturtles.
I truly appreciate your guidance and support! :)
I have a question about carbon and Melafix. When I bought Melafix last week, the guy at the TFS said it would be okay for me to keep the same filter cartridge because I had been using it for almost 5 weeks. I think that's because the carbon becomes inactive after about a month.

Today, at the same TFS, another guy told me I should remove the carbon from my existing cartridge when treating the tank with Melafix. I'm using a Millennium filter cartridge but it is preassembled with the carbon already in it. There may be a way to remove the carbon, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Do you think it's okay for me to follow the first guy's advice and use my existing filter cartridge while I'm treating my tank with Melafix?
Yeah, I'd just leave it in. After is absorbs all it can(within a week or so), it's really just more space for bacteria to grow, instead of something that removes organics from your water.
Thanks for clarifying that. I was hoping you'd advise me to leave it in. :D
UPDATE: I've treated the tank with half doses of Melafix for about 10 days but haven't noticed improvements in the 3 corys' tails. There may be some, but it's not apparent to me. I've noticed they're more energetic and seem like they're feeling better.

This morning I moved the 3 affected corys to my 5 gallon hospital tank and dosed it with Melafix. The fish in the main 20 gallon tank seem fine so I've stopped using Melafix in that one. I'm planning on stepping up the Melafix to full doses in my hospital tank.

I have a few questions:

1) Can Melafix be used for too long a period of time?

2) If I see no improvements while using full doses in my hospital tank, should I switch over to some sort of antibiotic instead?
Hey Dora, sorry to hear the tails aren't looking any better. Are you keeping up with water changes?

1. Not that I know of, no. Melafix is rather calm stuff. More like a conditioner for clean water to assist in fin repair than an actual medication. It's also all natural stuff, so it's not a heavy medication.

2. You could try tetracycline to treat with if you still see no improvement. Maracyn-Two also would work, but it really messes with water quality (at times).

Hope things improve soon.
Thanks, Devilishturtles!

I've been following Melafix's directions for water changes (25% after 7 days of treatment). I haven't done a PWC in my hospital tank yet because I just put the fish in there 3 days ago. I'll do a PWC this weekend.

I don't think I should add any antibiotics yet. I'll just wait and keep an eye on the corys for now.

I'll keep you updated. Thank you so much for your concern! :D
Note: I've edited this post after talking to a few guys at my TFS.

I've been treating the 3 corys in my hospital tank with full doses of Melafix for almost 3 weeks (w/ 25% PWCs every 7 days). I still can't tell if there's any improvement so I'm going to try tetracycline.

I have several questions before I do this:

1) Is it necessary to remove Melafix with activated carbon before treating with tetracycline? One of the guys at my TFS said I can just do a 50% PWC and keep the same filter (with deactivated carbon). Is that okay?

2) If it would be better to use activated carbon instead of a 50% PWC, how long will it take to remove the Melafix? Once the Melafix is removed, would it be okay to re-use the old filter cartridge (with deactivated carbon) and just rinse it out?

3) Is it possible the corys' cave ornament might have something in it that's causing this problem? They spend most of their time in there. I've rinsed it out in sink water during each PWC. Would rinsing it out get rid of any disease causing agent? Should I replace their cave ornament with a new similar ornament?

4) Another guy at my TFS told me that it might not be tail rot. Maybe it is something genetic causing that variety of corys to lose their tails. I've had these corys almost two years so I don't know if I buy that explanation. He said I should stop adding anything to the water because adding one more agent (tetracycline) might stress them out. He suggested I just put them back in the main tank. The other guy told me that tetracycline wouldn't stress them out. Yikes! Who do I believe?

Any advice will be very much appreciated!
Hey Dora. Sorry to hear you are still having problems.

Either way you want to do 1 or 2 is fine. I would remove the melafix though. IMO, you can just do a 50% water change and consider it done. 3. I doubt it... 4. I've never heard of such a thing, but it does make sense. I've had MANY cories that have been coming into work with no tails recently...and they seem otherwise okay.

Tetracycline really isn't that hard of a medicine. I would try and find more info on this genetic thing (and I will, because it's pretty interesting) maybe before treating with anything.

I appreciate your input, Devilishturtles! :)

I may have bought the 3 corys at the same TFS (I don't remember). I do remember buying the first one months before I bought the other two. The first one is older and slightly larger than the other two but was the last one to be affected. Her tail is in slightly better condition than the others. I guess it's possible they could have inherited some sort of genetic disorder. I'll do a google search and see if I can find anything about that. I'll hold off on the tetracycline for now.
I couldn't find any information about a genetic problem with corydoris elegans losing their tails later in life. I contacted a corydoris web site and received a reply that the tail loss was probably due to stale substrate. I've been doing more frequent cleanings/vacuuming since I discovered the tail loss. Last night, I removed the corys' cave ornament just in case it harbored some sort of bacteria and replaced it with a new ornament. Nobody seems to think the ornament is the problem, but I figured I'd take it out just to be safe.

I contacted Melafix and left a voice mail message asking how long I can treat my fish with it. (I stopped giving them Melafix three days ago and haven't been treating them with anything else.) I received a message that for major tissue damage, it can take 2-3 weeks for improvement. (I'd already treated them for 3 weeks.) The Melafix representative suggested that I'd probably need something stronger (i.e., an antibiotic). He suggested Furan 2 (covers a wider stain of bacterial strains), Triple Sulfa, erythromycin, or tetracycline (it can turn the water red). He said all of these antibiotics could be used in conjunction with Melafix. I already have the tetracycline but Furan 2 was his favorite choice to start with.

Devilishturtles, have you found out anything about a genetic problem with corys losing their tails?Do you think I should go ahead and start medicating their hospital tank with a combination of Melafix/ tetracycline (or Furan 2)?
Hey Dora. I've looked...I can't find a single thing. I think it's weird. But...everything I find on tail rot suggests trying tetracycline. I would go ahead and try a 7-10 day treatment with it and melafix. If you still don't see any improvement...I guess I'd just assume that it's not treatable.

Sorry, can't be of more help. I'm baffled. Best of luck with treatment. Keep us updated!
Thanks, Devilishturtles. I appreciate your concern and your investigation into this baffling dilemma. :?

Poor little guys. I hope the tetracycline in conjunction with Melafix will work. I'll start that routine tomorrow morning since I'm on my way to a meeting right now. I'll keep you posted.
I have good news and bad news.

Two of the three corys have really improved. Their tails have shown considerable regrowth! :D I gave them a one week break between stopping Melafix and starting tetracycline. I decided not to add Melafix with tetracycline because I thought it might be too much for them. I also replaced their cave ornament with a new one just in case it harbored some bacteria that might be causing their problem. Overall, the corys seem to have more energy and are acting normal again.

However, one of my corys is completely missing his tail. A guy at my TFS told me tails will grow back unless they have gone up to the base. Unfortunately, I think that's the case with this little fellow. :cry:

Now for some more bad news. I noticed that a glow light tetra in my main tank seemed to have some sort of thin white film over one side of his face. His left eye didn't seem as dark as the other because of this. He was also acting sort of freaked out and swimming erratically. :cry: I called my TFS and asked what I should do. I told them I was currently treating 3 corys with tetracycline in a hospital tank. I was told that the film might be a fungus and to put him in the hospital tank with the corys. I asked if full-strength tetracycline would be too strong for a glow light tetra. The guy looked up information on tetracycline and said he didn't see any restrictions listed. Well, I put him in the hospital tank last night but didn't notice any improvement in his appearance this morning. Does it sound like a fungus? Do you think tetracycline will work? Do you think he might infect the recovering corys? Any suggestions?
Hey! Great to hear that you are finally seeing some improvement on the cories. That's really weird about them...maybe they dislike tails or something...who knows.

Do you have any quick cure, methylene blue, or malachite green on hand? They knock out fungus very very quickly, but some fish are sensitive to them. I've used it successfully on cories with actual body fungus from injuries, and alot of times they are noticeably improved in a days time.

For tetras, I would add half dose to start. It will discolor your water, but will dissapear over time. I would think it would be perfectly safe to add with the tetracycline.
Devilishturtles said:
Hey! Great to hear that you are finally seeing some improvement on the cories. That's really weird about them...maybe they dislike tails or something...who knows.
Maybe it's the latest cory fashion to go tailess! :lol:

Do you have any quick cure, methylene blue, or malachite green on hand? They knock out fungus very very quickly, but some fish are sensitive to them. I've used it successfully on cories with actual body fungus from injuries, and alot of times they are noticeably improved in a days time.

For tetras, I would add half dose to start. It will discolor your water, but will dissapear over time. I would think it would be perfectly safe to add with the tetracycline.
I don't have any methylene blue or malachite green. I have something called Fungus Clear Tank Buddies from Jungle Laboratories. I used it several years ago so I'm not sure if it's still good. Would that work? If not, I'll pick up what you suggested.

Thanks again for all your help!

The little glow light tetra's whitish area has turned dark. A guy at my TFS thinks it's unlikely it's a fungus. He suggested the tetra was injured and the whitish area was an infection. He said the tetracycline is probably working because the whitish coloration is gone. This particular tetra sleeps very close to the heater every night. I wonder if it got burned? :? Anyway, I think I'll hold off on any anti-fungal remedies for now and keep a close eye on him. Oh, yeah...the corys (what this thread was originally about)...I'll leave them in the hospital tank and keep treating them with tetracycline (today is day 5) for about 5 more days. I may need to keep the glow light tetra in the hospital tank longer depending on how well he recovers.
I appreciate your concern! :)

Last night I took a closer look at the tetra with a magnifying glass. One side of his face and the front of his face was red and lumpy and looked deformed! 8O I noticed he wasn't opening and closing his mouth like other glow lights. He wouldn't be able to eat that way!

I just finished doing a 50% PWC on the hospital tank. During the course of the PWC, some scar tissue must have loosened because I can see his mouth moving now. I can't tell if he's opening his mouth or just moving the area around his mouth. There is less redness on his face but the poor guy still looks pretty bad. I'm not sure if he's blind in one eye because I saw him bump into an ornament. However, he does show improvement from yesterday so I assume the tetracycline is working. I'll watch him closely when I feed him tonight to see if he can eat.
I have medicated the corys for 11 days and the glow light for 8 days with tetracycline. Do you think it would be safe to move the corys back to the main tank? I'm a little concerned that the glow light might have infected them with something although I see no sign of that.

As for the glow light, he had a heck of a time with whatever he had. The front and left side of his face is still red and lumpy (I think it must be a scab) although his appearance has improved over the week. He can open his mouth now and I think he's been able to eat. His left eye still looks enlarged and white with a small black dot in the center. I don't think he can see out of that eye. The orange stripe across his side is bent down in the center.

Do you have any idea what he could have suffered from? :? Do you think I should start a new topic on my tetra in case anyone has experienced something similar?
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