CPR Bak Pac Combo

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Jul 20, 2004
Fresno, CA
I went to my LFS and he has gotten in CPR Bak Pac Combo Biofilter/Skimmer. I was wondering if anyone knows about these. Is it better to just get the skimmer by itself or go for the combo?
The BakPak is a good skimmer but wether or not if would do depends on the size of your tank. Your profile does not list any deatils concerning your tank or it's size. Could you post those?

Most reef folks let the LR and LS do the biological filtration so unless you are doing FO you shouldn't need the bio part. I've got the Bak Pak 2 and I removed the biobale once the tank stabilized. It makes a good place to put your heater if you don't have a sump.
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