Creatures in my coral?!

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Aug 3, 2013
Ringwood Vic
So I've just noticed that something is living in my leather coral. I can't see it but it releases a long, super thin silken looking thread that just kind of floats around above it! Te thread has a number of lines coming off it to give it a comb look. Its a good 4-5 inches. When I touched it it sucked the thread right in again.

Can anyone tell me what it is?
Could you try to get a picture of it? It might help us identify it.
I will as soon as I get home though it's very fine...unlikely to show up in a pic.

Hey and thanks for the reply! Sorry mines so late just been a massive day at work.

I'll post a pic soon!
If it looks like a tiny feathery shelter on hand that goes in and out it could be a barnacle. If you google "barnacle feeding" you can see videos of it. See if it matches. Good luck! I have barnacles. Really fun to watch.
It's barnacles lol.

Congrats on successfully breeding them haha
So I found out the strands come from Vermetid snails! They release a thin strand of mucous into the reef to trap food and reel it in.....these reef aquariums are amazing:)
Thanks for the help everyone! This is the first time I've ever signed up to a forum - shows how addicted I am to this:)
Glad you found out. I just read what I had posted and my iPhone changed my words into something weird. Lol. Yeah those are harmless.
I have one of those that my pulsing xenia is attached to. I was worried that it was going to overgrow the snail and kill it but the tube keeps getting longer :)
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