Cycling without live rock

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Sep 11, 2011
I forgot to get live rock and cannot get it for a few days. Is it safe to start my cycle and add rock in a few days. Will this affect the cycle.
there is no point to cycling with me rock because there is nothing to cycle, you will start an ammonia spike but hardly anythign will happen
Yes u need to have your tank completely set up...all pumps, sumps, rock, sand, and so on. Everything but the livestock. Start your cycle, then add fish once it's done. If u add live rock later it will just start another cycle.
thanks, i will try to make time and get the rock tomorow
I think everyone is misunderstanding the OP. He can't get the LR for a few days, not after his tank cycles.

The LR will help in the cycle because it will seed the rest of the tank. If you can't get it for a few days, its not a big problem since tanks take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to cycle usually. Without the LR, the cycle would just take longer
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