Desperately need this part.

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Jan 2, 2004
des moines, ioway
I was doing some maintenance to my 30" coralife aqualight..and was gonna replace the bulbs. So I was having a difficult time pulling the power compacts out of the socket, so I then called the LFS and they said to use a butter knife and gently pry it out...they said it can be tricky. So the first one came out easily, but however the second one snapped with the least bit of force. I then paid a visit to the LFS to see if I can get the part replaced but they said I was out of luck, because Coralife dont sell them and that they dont have that part.
I need help in finding this part or one that will work, without having to spend another $165 for a whole new setup. Seems kinda silly to me to not sell that part. So anybody with any information on where i can get this part, whether it be new or off of some old setup thats been junked, would be greatly appreciated. (Picture included)

Thanx, Tiredfish


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check with, they have alot of replacement light parts.
did you try calling coralife about direct parts from the factory?

otherwsie, i'd hit ebay or aquabid for used fixtures to use for parts.
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